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Raccoon Removal

Raccoon Removal & Control Service


Raccoon Removal & Control Service


Raccoon Removal & Control Specialists

24-7 Emergency Raccoon Removal

Despite what our name suggests, we don’t just focus on bat removal in Michigan. In fact, Michigan Bat Removal is the best place to go if you’re looking for raccoon removal & control experts. We offer humane methods of clearing racoons from your home, meaning you can go back to living your life without persistent scratching or scuttling sounds plaguing your ears!

It’s common for raccoons to get into your home through small breaches or holes, which usually result in them living in the crawlspace between walls, or holing up in your attic. They quickly make themselves comfortable, creating a nest for the whole family.

With our raccoon removal & control service, we will swiftly deal with your racoon problem. Not only will we remove them, but we also offer restoration services to help undo any damage they’ve done to your property.

Raccoon Removal

Humane Raccoon Trapping By Professionals

One of the main problems with racoons is that they’re fairly big. Particularly when compared to other pests like bats, squirrels, or rats. As such, it’s very hard to trap one and get rid of it. It’s highly recommended that you rely on professionals to deal with this for you. We have state-of-the-art cage traps that are specifically designed to bait out racoons. We trap them and safely remove them from your premises.

No harm will come to the racoons, and there’s no risk of them getting out of the traps. So, don’t waste money on DIY traps that you found online, pay for our professional racoon removal & control service instead.

Raccoons Can Be Dangerous

Wild raccoons are incredibly dangerous as they carry a host of diseases that harm humans. These include rabies, roundworm and distemper. If you come into contact with them – or their excrement – then you can easily contract these disease. Likewise, any family pets you have are also at risk.

What’s more, raccoons have sharp claws and teeth. We’ve seen first-hand the damage they can do to the inside of an attic, and they’re more than happy to defend themselves if approached as well. So, keep your distance and give us a call instead.

Serving Michigan

Michigan Counties Served: St. Clair ● Macomb ● Oakland ● Washtenaw ● Genesee ● Lapeer ● Wayne ● Saginaw ● Livingston ● Ingham

Top Michigan Cities Served: West Bloomfield ● Rochester ● Oakland Township ● Northville ● Canton ● Farmington Hills ● Ann Arbor ● Richmond ● Saginaw ● Lansing ● Mt Pleasant ● Midland

We can ELIMINATE your Raccoon Problem!

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  • Raccoon in Chimney, Crawl Space, Attic or Walls

Raccoon Removal Project

Why Choose Us for Raccoon Problems?

Michigan Bat Removal specializes in the humane removal of wildlife from your home. We have the best methods of racoon removal & control, making sure that your problem is handled quickly. We go above and beyond what’s expected; our team will disinfect, sanitize, deodorize and restore the are that the racoons were living in. So, you don’t just rid your home of racoons, but you ensure that it’s restored to its former glory.

We have an emergency service as well, which is open 24/7. If your racoon problem is posing a serious threat, then call us right away and we’ll be down to help. You’ll struggle to find a more valuable and professional racoon removal & control service in Michigan.

Give us a call, and we will send members of our team to your house as soon as possible. Don’t let racoons run rampant in your home – let the experts safely remove them for you.

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