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Bat Removal & Control Service


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Bats may be small, but they pose a significant threat to you and your home. Aside from the aesthetic damage they bring by scratching surfaces in your attic and leaving droppings everywhere, they can also be harmful to your health.

You see, bats are one of the main animals that carry the rabies disease. This means that one bite could be all it takes to pass this terrible disease to you or a family member, putting other people at risk as well. Along with this, they carry other diseases as well, so you want to stay clear of them at all costs.

This is one of the many reasons why it’s vital that you pay for a professional bat removal & control service. You should never attempt to go into your attic and get rid of bats yourself; this will only present some significant dangers! Even their droppings – also known as Guano – can harm your health. At Michigan Bat Removal, we can take care of everything for you, ensuring that you don’t put yourself or your family at risk.

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Humane Bat Removal & Control Methods

Customer Reviews for Michigan Bat RemovalDespite that fact that bats can be dangerous, they are a protected species. As a result, it’s against the law to use bat removal & control methods that can harm them. Here at Michigan Bat Removal, we only use humane methods that rid your home of these critters without hurting them.

It might shock you, but bats are actually far from pests. Yes, they can be annoying in your home, but they serve a purpose in the outside world. Bats can help get rid of mosquitos, and Guano is a potent fertilizer. So, killing these little animals is out of the question. With our bat removal & control service, we will safely remove bats from your home and prevent further infestation.

Furthermore, our team of trained professionals will carefully remove any bat droppings and ensure your attic is clean once more.

Bat Removal

What are the telltale signs of a bat problem in your home?

Before you call us up, it makes sense to be sure that you have an infestation on your hands. As mentioned before, one of the best ways to tell is by using your ears. Listen out at night time to see if you can hear any odd noises. If there’s a scratching sound or the sound of wings fluttering, then this could well mean you have a bat problem.

Another way to check if by going outside your home and looking at your roof. If bats are flying around, then there’s a good chance you can put two and two together and end up with a bat infestation! You should also check the attic during the day for signs of black bat droppings on the walls, scratch marks, or oily entry points.

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