Signs of a Bat Problem in Your Home

A bat infestation can bring plenty of problems to you and your home. Bats carry disease, which means there’s a chance they can infect you or your bets. Not to mention all the damage they do by scratching away at your attic and leaving their droppings everywhere. The best way to deal with this is professional bat removal – but how do you know if you’ve got a bat issue?

Bats Flying Around Your Home

An easy way to tell if you have a bat problem is by looking at your home at sunrise or sunset. If you see some bats flying around near your roof, then this means they’re possibly leaving in the evening to go on a hunt, or they’re coming home in the morning to sleep all day. You might even see them enter your attic, which is all the proof you need!

Noises In The Night

Bats aren’t quiet creatures, which means you should hear if they’re in your attic. Listen out for scratching sounds or the flapping of their wings. You may also hear some faint chirping as they make noise – and all of this usually happens at night time. So, if you hear these strange noises while trying to sleep, then it’s one of the telltale signs of a bat problem.

Dark Stains On Walls

A bat will get into your home by squeezing through tiny little entry points. These can be small holes or a little crack in the brickwork – but they leave their mark. You see, bat fur is very oily, which means this oil rubs off onto the walls when they squeeze through entry points. As such, you will get very dark stains which are easy to spot. Survey the outside of your property for any of these dark stains as they indicate an entry point. Two common places to look are the vents outside your home or the roof siding.

Bat Droppings Everywhere

Just like all animals, bats have to go to the toilet somewhere. Unfortunately for you, if you have a bat problem, they will use your home as their toilet. Look for bat droppings on the walls outside your home, usually near the roof or under ledges. Also, venture into your attic and shine a light to see if there’s any in there as well. One trick to tell if you’re looking at bat droppings is to use your nose. They have a distinct smell that’s similar to ammonia, so be aware of that.

Signs of a Bat Problem

What To Do If You Have A Bat Problem?

Notice these common signs of a bat problem around your home? What should you do next? No matter how tempting it is, don’t try and remove the bats yourself. They’re a protected species, which means you have to remove them humanely. The best course of action is to seek out a professional bat removal & control service. This ensures that the bats are taken care of without being harmed, and you don’t run the risk of injuring or infecting yourself. Following this, a professional service will also clean up the mess left by bats and restore your home to its former self.